New : dataset updated on 13/01/2013

Let's open data !

Open Data is a very strong trend today. This is a movement aiming at making some data sets available to everyone.

The availability of these data allows the community to reuse them freely to enrich, analyze or use them for new applications.

OneWinner.Me and Open Data

At OneWinner.Me, we strongly believe that making public the lottery combinations recorded by players is a step to improve transparency in gambling, and the emergence of new ways to play.

As lottery operators do not publish this information, the community has to organize itself to reconstruct it. Thanks to crowdsourcing technology, the OneWinner.Me platform can collect it.

Which applications for these new public datas ?

By publishing the data collected on the OneWinner.Me platform, we want to allow the community to use them to create new applications and services.

Examples include: the development of innovative algorithms for decision aid in selecting combinations, analysis of gambling behaviors, the development of unpublished playing techniques, etc.. ...

Get started: Use our data set !

The data set is available in CSV format. It contains almost 20,000 real Euro Millions combinations, recorded by players on the OneWinner.Me platform during a period of one year. It is freely reusable by all those interested.

Download the OneWinner.Me Open Data set by clicking below :