How to choose lottery numbers ?

New : find here a video showcasing Machine Learning methods used by OneWinner.Me

In lotteries (Euro Millions, …), some combinations are more played than others

Players often choose dates of birth, or lucky numbers (e.g. : 13), numbers that have not been drawned for a long time, combinations with particular geometric shapes on the ticket, etc. ...

The less a combination is played, the more it pays !

Indeed, the jackpot is divided between the winners. If there are few of them, each receives a significant amount.

The proportion of winners for each draw is very variable, and this implies gains very different each time for a given rank.

For example, during the Euro Millions draw of the October 22, 2010 a number and two stars payed 6.9 €, while on December 11, 2009 they payed nearly twice ! Some combinations really pay more than other !

How to choose lottery numbers ? Better to choose combinations rarely played. They have the same probability of draw, but pay much more

The problem is to know in advance the numbers or combinations rarely played. This information is known by the lottery organizers, but is kept secret.

The OneWinner.Me service allows to find them thanks to community participation. United we stand, divided we fall !

Players from all over Europe, together find combinations that pay the most !

Each time a user uses OneWinner.Me and registers the combination he wants to play, statistics stored in data servers are updated in real time.

These millions of statistics gathered from the community (crowdsourcing), coupled with advanced machine learning algorithms, allow to calculate a score for each combination, ie an estimate of its earning expectation.

The more a combination is original and different from those played by others, the greater the chance of big gains if it is drawn.

Why should I check and register my combinations on OneWinner.Me each week before playing ?

Always check the potential of its combination before playing ensures that it is not too close to the combinations chosen by other players, and thus that it can pay a lot if it is drawn.

Registering its combination allows to prevent other players from chosing similar ones because they will be notified if this is the case. In case of victory better to be the only winner instead of having to share the jackpot with too many other people !